BigMIND Cloud Backup delves into IoT with Alexa integration.

Alexa, What’s Your Favorite Cloud Backup Service?

Welcome to the Internet of Things. Technology reigns. Connectivity matters. Simplicity prevails. The digital age seemingly has no end. The more we advance technologically, the more we crave newer and newer things, things to make our lives easier, things to get us closer to the quickly approaching future. That’s where…

Try Zoolz Cloud Backup today, and become the superhero of your business

Businessman or Superman? Be Both with Zoolz.

Q4 is upon us. That means rushing to meet your sales quotas, seal new business deals, pump out holiday ads to connect with your stakeholders, and brainstorm and finalize your company’s strategy for the next year. What are your goals? How will you meet them? What about your budget? Can…

BigMIND AI Cloud Backup by Zoolz is an advanced data storage solution for both business and home use

Top 5 Tips for Rejuvenating (and Saving) Your Business with the BigMIND Intelligent Cloud

In the time you read the title of this story, more than 50,000 gigabytes of data were uploaded to the internet. Put into perspective, that’s around 10,000,000 photos shared, 8,000 days’ worth of videos streamed, and 22,000,000 web pages browsed. As data grows, so should our ability to manage it….

BigMIND AI Cloud Backup application running on laptop

The Future of Cloud Storage is Here: BigMIND by Zoolz Promises Big Data Security, Efficiency, and Simplicity

In an age dominated by high-tech solutions that ensure that our lives are easier and more digital than ever before, simply choosing which solution to go with can be overwhelming in itself. The average consumer is bombarded with offers, and, without doing a bit of market research on your own,…