Alexa, What’s Your Favorite Cloud Backup Service?

BigMIND Cloud Backup delves into IoT with Alexa integration.

Welcome to the Internet of Things. Technology reigns. Connectivity matters. Simplicity prevails.

The digital age seemingly has no end. The more we advance technologically, the more we crave newer and newer things, things to make our lives easier, things to get us closer to the quickly approaching future.

That’s where the appropriately named Internet of Things (IoT) comes in. Presenting new opportunities for cutting-edge technology to come into our lives and facilitate our daily tasks, IoT is an important area of focus for companies looking to not only stay up to date with the latest trends, but also attract and retain customers.

Enter, Alexa.

Built and powered by Amazon, Alexa is your personal assistant, understanding and responding to hundreds of commands. With a few words spoken out loud, Alexa can control other devices, access accounts, tell you the weather, and even keep you entertained.

And now, Alexa says, “Welcome to BigMIND.”

View all media on your BigMIND account on Amazon Alexa Echo Show.

View all media on your BigMIND account on Amazon Alexa Echo Show.

In a drastic move of ultimate connectivity, you can now give Alexa direct access to your BigMIND account. Pictures, videos, documents, anything stored in the BigMIND cloud can be shown to you on the Amazon Alexa Echo Show.

This new integration lets you enjoy time with family and friends faster and easier than ever before. Simply sit down, talk to Alexa, and start reliving your favorite moments, as you see them come to life before your very eyes.

Ranging from commands as general as “play me my videos” to those as specific as “show me photos of dogs,” Alexa piggy backs off of BigMIND’s advanced AI engine that locates and organizes pictures with facial recognition and object detection.

And Alexa is just the beginning. Already working with devices of all brands and models, BigMIND plans to continue expanding its IoT portfolio, bringing you perhaps the three most important words of this era: technology, connectivity, and simplicity.

Prepare yourselves for one of the most unified cloud experiences to date.

BigMIND: built for the future, ready now.

Add BigMIND to your Alexa device’s skills.

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