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Q4 is upon us.

That means rushing to meet your sales quotas, seal new business deals, pump out holiday ads to connect with your stakeholders, and brainstorm and finalize your company’s strategy for the next year.

What are your goals? How will you meet them?

What about your budget? Can you afford more? Less?

And, regardless of what industry your company falls under, what about your data? Is it protected from hackers? Backed-up in case of accidental loss? Organized and easy to search through?

With all of these questions, Q4 presents the perfect opportunity to step up, do something different to supercharge your productivity, and become the company hero.

Choose something to make your business better: Zoolz Cloud Backup.

Choose something to make your business better: Zoolz Cloud Backup.


Step 1: Identify Your Enemies

As of two years ago, half of the US’s 28 million small businesses were hacked, leaving the remaining 14 million vulnerable to attack. With data not only growing, but becoming exponentially more complex over time, hackers are able to find even more routes to accessing and exposing sensitive information.

And a study done in 2017 discovered that 58% of SMEs are not equipped to deal with data loss. The same study says that 60% of SMEs that lose data end up failing in just six months.

When it comes to the success of your business, one of your biggest enemies is data not defended against possible loss and hacking.

Protect against data hackers with Zoolz Cloud Backup

In 2017, hackers cost SMBs an average of $117,000 and large enterprises $1.3 billion. Protect your business data today with Zoolz Cloud Backup.

Step 2: Choose Your Superpower

Last year, it was estimated that every minute we created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data.

That’s 2,500,000,000,000,000,000.

It goes without saying that someone or something with a superpower is needed to handle this much data.

To combat hackers and accidental data deletion for seemingly endless amounts of data, there are many options, but only one that gives you high quality at the prices you deserve: Zoolz Cloud Backup.

With Zoolz, you are given the power to:

  • Stop hackers in their tracks with full AES-265 military-grade encryption from start to finish.
  • Protect endlessly with unlimited users, servers, network-attached storage (NAS), and external devices.
  • Defend against accidental data loss with automatic backup.
  • Stay vigilant over who is doing what with your data with complete management of all your users.
  • Power up your reputation with ultimate reliability from the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud-hosting infrastructure.
  • Freeze extra time and money assets by taking advantage of some of the market’s lowest prices at the highest quality of service.
  • Team up with 24/7 live chat and support.

Enemies defeated.

Rise above data worries with Zoolz Cloud Backup.

Rise above data worries with Zoolz Cloud Backup.

Step 3: Be Named a Hero

When meeting with your team this Q4, be sure to bring up Zoolz Cloud Backup, a leading superpower in cloud solutions and data storage that lets you focus on what really matters to you: time and money.

With Zoolz, get ready to revel in your victory over enemies and quickly go from just a businessman to your company’s next Superman.

And, of course, no hero is complete without a motto.

Try this one: “Store more. Save more.”

Get started with our lowest-price, highest-quality packages ever.

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