The Future of Cloud Storage is Here: BigMIND by Zoolz Promises Big Data Security, Efficiency, and Simplicity

BigMIND AI Cloud Backup application running on laptop

In an age dominated by high-tech solutions that ensure that our lives are easier and more digital than ever before, simply choosing which solution to go with can be overwhelming in itself. The average consumer is bombarded with offers, and, without doing a bit of market research on your own, you might end up with a product that is not quite up to your standards. In cloud storage, however, there is one industry player that comes to the forefront of competition every time: BigMIND.

You just opened a new business and need to begin storing thousands of transactions and a seemingly endless supply of customer information in your database. What is the most efficient and effective way to store this data? How will you be able to quickly access it when needed? Will your data and the data of your customers be truly safe and secure?

BigMIND puts all of these questions and concerns to rest.

Trusted by over three million users around the world as one of the leading providers of intelligent data storage solutions, BigMIND offers a simple, smart, and affordable system to both business and individual customers.

“BigMIND offers a simple, smart, and affordable system to both business and individual customers.”

Among competitors, BigMIND leads the pack based on numerous criteria, including reliability, security, usability and performance, discovery, data centers, and scalability. BigMIND’s innovative cloud storage offers customers the greatest amount of control over backup; top-of-the-line, military-grade encryption; seamless integration with SaaS applications like Google Drive and social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram; state-of-the-art, pioneering AI technology to more easily upload, organize, and search through your files with Document eDiscovery, powered by optical character recognition (OCR), and Media eDiscovery; multiple data centers across the globe; and an extensive, trusted support team with a proven track record.

BigMIND AI Cloud Backup application on iOS

In short, BigMIND delivers what is needed when it is needed.

Possessing hundreds of tried-and-true features that give the cloud a uniquely human touch, BigMIND essentially eliminates the previous complexities that some customers may have faced when first using digital data storage.

Data is valuable; don’t store it just anywhere. Put your trust in market leader BigMIND, and experience the future of the cloud.

Make the smart choice for your data. Explore all that BigMIND has to offer, and sign up for a free trial now.


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