Top 5 Tips for Rejuvenating (and Saving) Your Business with the BigMIND Intelligent Cloud

BigMIND AI Cloud Backup by Zoolz is an advanced data storage solution for both business and home use

In the time you read the title of this story, more than 50,000 gigabytes of data were uploaded to the internet.

Put into perspective, that’s around 10,000,000 photos shared, 8,000 days’ worth of videos streamed, and 22,000,000 web pages browsed.

As data grows, so should our ability to manage it. Traditional storage, organization, and protection, although entirely fundamental to data health, only go so far. And for startups, SMEs, and large businesses, the way in which internal and sensitive customer information is handled has a huge impact on success, reputation, and trust.

Imagine the disaster resulting from a hacker stealing personal data from billions of your customers.

Or the immense dread felt when you realize you just deleted a year of animation files for a blockbuster movie.

Although both very successful companies, in these cases, top-level data encryption and reliable automatic backup would have been useful (to say the least).

It almost goes without saying, then, that startups, SMEs, and large enterprises alike need to be able to stop hackers in their tracks and eliminate any possibility of data loss.

They can do this, and more, with BigMIND Business by Zoolz.

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BigMIND breaks with tradition, pioneering its own form of cloud backup. It fulfills the typical cloud promises of storage, organization, and protection, but takes the industry a step (or a leap) further. A unique mix of tried-and-true features with a new, intelligent twist, BigMIND has the power to revitalize businesses.

“BigMIND breaks with tradition, pioneering its own form of cloud backup.”

Here’s how:

1) Get smart with AI

With cutting-edge AI technology, photos are organized by facial recognition and object detection, allowing for more precise visual organization of data and quicker retrieval.

2) Go paperless with OCR

Optical character recognition (OCR) identifies text in photos and in various formats, including PDF, and turns it into searchable content.

3) Stay in charge with user management

With user management, business owners can grant/deny access, restore data, and do any other administrative action all from their accounts.

4) Defend against data thieves by tracking all actions with complete audit

complete audit is exactly what it sounds like. Each and every action involving data through BigMIND is recorded and compiled in a report for account administrators.

5) Do less work with automatic backup from any source

BigMIND starts backups automatically and gathers data from numerous sources, including laptops, desktops, iOS, and Android; SaaS software like Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive; and social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Data is becoming massive. The chances of it getting accidentally deleted are rising. And hackers are getting better . . . but so is the cloud.

Pushing the boundaries of what the cloud can do, BigMIND is built for the future, ready now.

Read more about BigMIND’s elite solutions for combating data loss and theft here.

Explore tailor-made packages, and sign up for a free trial here.


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