Zoolz Price Increase February 1st 2020

As the world around us evolves, the most rapid changes are occurring within technology and most notably – software. New operating systems are continuously being launched, while things like new privacy and security laws are being introduced which require updates and additional features to be added. In conjunction with rising markets costs for storage service providers. Zoolz is committed to continual innovation and enhancement of our products, which we achieve by re-investing more and more every year.  By doing so we keep the service we provide our customers running at its most optimal level and remain within the top leading Cloud service providers.

When looking at different Cloud backup providers and their pricing, Zoolz still remains the lowest priced option, while providing top-of-the-line features. With our new strategy to upgrade all users to premium accounts you will pay $18 annually, while with comparable services like Backblaze, you pay $60 annually. iDrive charges $83.4 annually and with Carbonite a user pays $96 per year. Looking at it from all perspectives, Zoolz provides you a quality service at the cheapest cost. 

What Enhancements Come with Premium Accounts?

GDPR, privacy and security compliance improvements

GDPR is a form of protection that strengthens the data privacy of users. One such measure is giving users the “right to erasure”, meaning users can ask that a company permanently delete all their data and web records. With cyber-attacks on the rise, we want you to feel confident and trust that your data is safe and secure with us, knowing that your personal information isn’t “on the line.” GDPR lays the groundwork for greater security and better technology,and the most innovative servers to give you the most comprehensive and current data protection.

Operating system updates to Windows and Mac

Fixes and enhancements for features that could be improved have been put in place, especially regarding any potential security issues that may occur on the software. A major change is the updated security to protect against viruses, hackers or threats of any kind. We’ve improved the functionality of the software to avoid unnecessary battery depilation, ensuring the software runs at maximum capacity without draining the battery life of your device.

Enhanced speeds for backup and restore

We’ve heard your concerns about lagging speeds regarding backup and restore, which is why we’ve reduced any impediments that may interfere with the speed of backup and restore. By utilizing high performance networks as well as storage subsystems, multi-stream will allow for higher speeds. 

Smarter remote assistance sessions and 24-hour email support

Zoolz will continuously provide top of the line support to users with premium support which delivers 24 hour email response times, as well as remote assistance which allows customers to share their screens with our support staff to provide even better, faster and more efficient support.