Introducing: LifeMoji by Zoolz – the world’s first emoji-based image and facial recognition search platform!

We’re delighted to announce the latest addition to the Zoolz brand – LifeMoji: a collection of 150+ (and rapidly growing) smart emoji search icons, representative of real-life features for home and business!

Through the use of enhanced AI technologies, this unique platform intelligently analyses your photo libraries, allowing you to use existing or create new LifeMojis for any given situation. For example, if you upload your summer holiday photos of playing volleyball and swimming on a beach, you will automatically be presented with of beach, sun, volleyball, sea & swimming emojis.

The LifeMoji system automatically matches photo libraries with emojis, relating to pets, architecture, food, art (see above), or any other areas like sports (i.e. basketballs/football fields), socialising (i.e. drinks, clubs/dancing, disco balls, etc.), or hobbies (i.e. cameras, games, singing, etc.) – and can be used alongside the existing OCR and AI facial & photo recognition search functionalities.

Similarly to Apple’s Animojis, we’ll let your creativity freedom to roam – whether you’re a creative hobby photographer or an established media agency looking to inject an intuitive, cost-effective, and fun way of structuring and searching your data, we’ve got you covered.

Why not try it yourself? Download our free mobile Zoolz Intelligent app HERE (for Android & Apple iOS)?

We appreciate any questions or suggestions for new LifeMoji – and most importantly, enjoy making searching fun!!!