Learning Management Software Comes to Zoolz Cloud Backup

 Zoolz is adding another feature to assist their distributor and partner network

The work doesn’t end when the deal closes. At least, in IT sales. Unlike a house or a car, the IT resellers know the sale of a new software ends one stage of the job but begins another: training. Getting your clients or even your resellers set up on a new system or software is a job unto itself, and one that can quickly bottleneck productivity for sales teams. As businesses eagerly integrate new software to streamline their workflow, IT distributors and dealers are left figuring out how to balance training their clients and resellers in new software and moving forward with other sales. 

The solution to this problem can be found in learning management software, or LMS. Learning management softwares and systems provide companies with an online training platform for educating their employees, clients, and partners through eLearning modules. IT partners and resellers especially benefit from such a platform because it allows them to easily and quickly get acquainted with new software on their own schedule without interrupting their existing appointments. 

Such learning platforms became particularly important this year as tech sales grew but the opportunity for in-person training was severely limited. To better assist and educate our resellers, Zoolz is excited to introduce it’s very own LMS tailored specifically to the needs of their partners, distributors and resellers. 

LMS is more than a training video platform. Through the platform, resellers will have access to in-depth content explaining every aspect of every Zoolz cloud backup product, from our  Zoolz Business to  This isn’t just beneficial to new partners, but existing and legacy partners as well. As Zoolz evolves its cloud backup products, partners and resellers will be able to stay up to date with continuing education. eLearning courses provide a quick and easy way for resellers to not only find out about new product offerings, but familiarize themselves with it, too. This is especially useful to partners and distributors who need to disseminate information about new products to their networks of resellers. 

Populated with courses from product introduction to expert use tips, the Zoolz LMS equips our partners with everything they need to know about Zoolz cloud backup and its features. Resellers and distributors can look forward to customizing their training or continuing education with a library of videos to choose from, all available online to take as your schedule fits or as needed. They’ll also have the freedom to return to modules in order to reacquaint themselves with the products and features, or learn about how Zoolz applies to different industries when you’re ready to scale your business. 

At Zoolz we understand the value of our distributor network. That’s why in addition to developing products businesses all over the world have come to rely on, we also build exclusive features for our partners to help manage and streamline their sales, like our Multi-Tenant System and now, our Learning Management Software.  

Zoolz Cloud backup is a premiere business cloud backup service that builds with their client and partner in mind. Distributors in our network have access to management and learning platforms, and can earn a bonus upon signing up. Want to learn more about becoming a partner with Zoolz? Visit https://www.zoolz.com/partners/