Five Reasons to White Label

IT Solutions Providers Stand to Make the Most from White Label SaaS and this is Why

Technology sales and services is an ever-evolving market. As businesses revise and reshape their workflows and processes, solutions providers are tasked with finding and offering reliable, cutting-edge software that meets their rotating needs. Keeping up with the rapid development and introduction of new technologies may prove difficult for some small businesses, but SMB IT SaaS providers can look to white labeled products to address this issue.

A white label, or white labeling, is the term used for reselling products others develop but are branded and packaged as if they were your own. The practice is commonly seen at grocery stores and big box stores that offer a “store brand” line of products but has since left the store shelves and become prevalent in SaaS development and sales and is particularly beneficial for IT companies. Here’s why: 

Strengthen Brand Awareness & Loyalty

IT service providers offering a single solution can easily be pigeon-holed in the SaaS market. White labeling, however, provides an easy and accessible way to expand your company’s service abilities. By expanding your catalogue of services with white labeled products, you strengthen your brand’s ability to be discovered by prospective clients looking for different solutions. Additionally, having new, branded solutions to offer existing clients can elevate your company as a complete solution, building brand loyalty and establishing repeat customers.  

Scalability Without Investment 

Growing your business by expanding your product offering is made easy and affordable with white labels. Through white labeling, your company can easily add solutions without having to invest huge amounts of capital into research and development of software. This not only lets you more easily offer the latest technologies available to meet your clients’ needs, it allows you to add a variety of solutions so you can scale how your company serves its customers. White labeling qualifies companies to offer products they’re otherwise unable to develop themselves. With less investment from the start, businesses with white labeled products see a quicker ROI and are able to more easily scale their growth. 

Control your own profits

One of the greatest benefits to white labeling is the cost and profit potential. With nominal licensing fees compared to that of researching and developing your own product, adding your own white label to a product creates an additional revenue stream with very little overhead. Because a white labeled product generates new earnings with almost no overhead, you can better control your profit margins without worrying about back-end costs. Less costs means more profit, and a greater ability to competitively price your service to meet the needs of your clients. White labeling allows you to control and customize your profits as a SaaS provider since the cost of licensing is minimal. 

Effortless Customer Service & Troubleshooting

While we’ve established that white labeling enables you to add products without the added costs of research and development, white labeled products continue to save on labor and other fees associated with software maintenance. When white labeling, the original software developer is responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the program. Any updates, fixes, or bug repairs fall to the developer, as do customer service tickets. If your customer does have an issue with your white labeled product, you’ll only have to forward the service request to the developer rather than reconcile the issue yourself. Being free from the burden of support allows you to focus on sales and serving your clientele in other ways.  

The Latest Technologies at a Fraction of the Price

IT service and solutions providers don’t just have to compete for market share, they also have to contend with ever-changing technology. White labeling helps solutions providers offer the latest technologies without needing to spend years in R&D.  As markets evolve, white labeling makes it possible for your business to evolve with it and quickly bring new products to market as soon as they’re available without putting the years and investment into development. What organizations needed a year ago is different from what organizations need today and what they’ll require in the future. White labeling keeps you flexible and allows you to keep your software offerings up to date with the market and business needs. 

Bringing a variety of solutions to your client base allows your company to stay competitive in a crowded marketplace. If you’re an IT solutions provider looking to expand your business and grow your market share while cutting costs, the catch-all answer is simple. It’s white labeling. 

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