BigMIND Partner Wins IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021

BigMIND Partner Wins IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021

We have the privilege and honor to announce that one of BigMIND’s prestigious global partners, AOS Data Co. Ltd., member of the BigMIND Partner Program based in Japan, won the world-renowned IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021.

BigMIND’s global partner

You may have heard and used the high quality services of AOS Data Co. The company is using BigMIND’s cutting edge cloud backup technologies, comprehensively protecting customers’ data assets, such as leakage, loss and natural disasters, that can maintain the optimum environment even after installation with efficient restoration function and full support. 

Cloud backup service

AOS Data Co. won the IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021 for 5 consecutive terms in 3 categories – Leader Award in the cloud backup category and PC backup category, and High Performer Award in the online storage category. This prominent award covering multiple categories is attributable to the premium cloud backup service AOSBOX Business which develops exceptional data asset management business services such as cloud data, system data, legal data, AI data, etc. 

What does the IT Grid Review and Leader Award indicate?

The IT Grid Review and Leader Award is a title which symbolizes that the service provided has obtained the highest levels of user satisfaction. The IT Review is a review platform that brings together users of IT products and cloud services for business. In the IT review, a unique four-quadrant map is developed which is called the IT Grid Review, and allows you to receive high customer satisfaction and product recognition in the market, based on the reviews gathered from real users. 

The IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021 is based on a staggering 30,000 IT reviews of products with excellent customer satisfaction and recognition, aimed to award businesses with the ‘Leaders badges’ in January 2021. The IT Leader Review represents proof that the product has already gained the support of numerous users, and is regarded as an honorable title in the industry.

What do the IT Grid Review and High Performer Awards mean?

The IT Grid Review and High Performer titles are obtained through high user satisfaction from countless knowledgeable customers. One of the fastest expanding platforms is the IT product / cloud service review platform for the IT review business category, which is a unique IT review four-quadrant map that allows you to measure customer satisfaction and product recognition in the market, based on the reviews gathered from authentic well-informed users. 

At the IT Grid Review Award Winter 2021 announced in January, products with excellent customer satisfaction received badges as High Performers in accordance to 30,000 astonishing reviews gathered through the IT review. 

About AOSBOX Business cloud backup service 

AOSBOX Business is a cloud backup service that uses BigMIND’s highly reliable Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud backup platform, and is used by more than 4,000 companies and more than 900,000 domestic members in Japan. In addition to building strong security with a military-level encryption algorithm (AES-256), storage is used properly according to the frequency of data usage, achieving cost reduction. The number of generations of backup files can be changed arbitrarily, and unlike other synchronous cloud backups, backups of data that have been accidentally deleted or modified can be restored without being deleted from the cloud. AOSBOX Business cloud backup services are also effective against disasters, failures, and antivirus measures.

About AOS Data Co., Ltd

President Hiroshi Haruyama, an inspirational business person, runs the reputable company based in Minato-ku, Tokyo which was established in April 2015. Its total capital is valued at a staggering 352.5 million yen. AOS Data Co., Ltd. continues its activities to protect intellectual property with data management technology. 

The company has achieved many successes also in the data recovery business, by recovering the data of more than 10,000 customers, and the system data business, which has supported the data migration of more than 11 million customers. 

AOS Data Co., Ltd are developing a data asset management business that matches the data life cycle, such as data migration, data backup, data recovery, and data erasure. Due to its professionalism and premium service, AOS Data Co., Ltd have won number one in sales volume for 12 consecutive years in the system maintenance software division of the BCN Awards. 

In the future, AOS Data Co., Ltd will integrate the legal data business conducted by Legal Tech, which has assisted investigative agencies, lawyers’ offices, and major companies in resolving numerous cases through evidence data restoration investigations and evidence disclosure. Through their Data Asset Management solution, their service provides support so that its customers’ data assets can be comprehensively protected and utilized.

Benefits of BigMIND Partner Program

BigMINDis a market leading provider of cloud based storage, providing affordable and secure cloud solutions for businesses and individuals. The company solves the growing business problems of the massive amounts of unstructured data, via its technology which allows your business to discover your big data just like a search engine – quick and secure. 

Our innovative platform is made with you in mind, focusing on the user experience – and simplicity. But that’s not all, in just a few clicks, you secure all your critical data with military-grade 256-AES encryption. More than 5 million users across the world count on our solutions due to their exceptional cloud-based storage technology. This has attracted the attention of more than 1,000+ partners worldwide.