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As technology evolved, the way businesses have sought to utilize it has changed drastically. And over the last decade, there’s been an even more rapid increase in adoption of new tech as the cloud market emerged. While companies quickly adapted cloud software and systems, technology distributors were left scrambling to source the best vendors to answer their end-clients needs. Now, distributors are faced with another challenge: a heavily saturated market. 

With so many options available, it may be hard to determine which cloud service providers to offer, particularly in the cloud backup market. 

Businesses across all industries quickly realized the benefits of cloud backup and storage. Not only is cloud storage an effective way to cut the costs of data storage, cloud backup serves as data protection, ensuring data stored on the cloud is always available in case of loss. But there’s greater benefits to cloud backup than simply its namesake. This leaves distributors wondering: which cloud backup will best serve my reseller network? 

Cloud Backup with Clout

Boasting over fifteen years of continued backup service, Zoolz remains an industry leader in cloud backup. They aren’t just a legacy cloud backup provider either, they’re also rated the best. Zoolz was originally designed for and strictly provides business plans. By sticking to this model, they’ve created a cloud backup with features suited to ease the data management pains for organizations of all sizes. In order to stay competitive as the cloud market grew, Zoolz evolved their cloud backup service. Adding innovative features to assist their users, their latest iteration, BigMIND is now an award-winning cloud backup service that’s been named “Best Cloud Storage Service” by multiple outlets two years running. Why does this matter for distributors? Choosing a trusted, award-winning service with name recognition helps your resellers convert their leads, ultimately increasing sales and your profits as a distributor. 

Staying Ahead, Not Just Up to Date

It’s easy for software to become outdated considering the pace at which technology evolves; and worse, sectors that are slow to adopt new technology are left lagging when delayed implementation is paired with aging software. Distributors that have reselling networks in such sectors can find it difficult to offer up-to-date solutions while not falling behind. This can also be true for the distributor’s cloud backup provider of choice. Enlisting a cloud backup service that continually evolves and offers cutting-edge technologies helps distributors stay a step ahead of their competitors. The developers at BigMIND keep this in mind by consistently updating BigMIND’s AI-powered features. Cutting edge tools like optical character recognition, facial and item recognition and smart tagging help users organize, search and manage data directly on the cloud. By distributing BigMIND, resellers in your network would be offering the absolute latest tech in cloud backup; and as BigMIND continues to evolve its service, your end-clients will benefit from its ever-pioneering approach to cloud backup.

Multi-tenant Management

Your network’s clients aren’t the only ones who should benefit from the services you offer as a distributor. You should, too.  While it’s important to consider the features of the cloud backup service for the end-user, it’s also important to ask if the service is providing you with as a distributor. For distributors of BigMIND, that’s the multi-tenant distributor platform. The multi-tenant platform is a sales management tool exclusively designed for distributors of BigMIND. From the platform you can easily manage resellers, tracking the profit margins of each account and setting customized pricing to best suit the needs of the reseller. Through the platform, BigMIND distributors receive their profits instantly as credit back, making the BigMIND multi-tenant platform net-earnings beneficial. 

With a renewed focus on business and additional features being added all the time, BigMIND is the premiere cloud backup solution not just as a service but for distributors as well. As a cloud backup service that can serve multiple industries, BigMIND can assist your reseller network in expanding into previously untapped markets; while its multi-tenant system helps distributors track and manage its sales with ease. 

The cloud backup market continues to grow and is estimated to be an $89 billion industry by 2022. For distributors looking to capitalize on this growth, the choice of which cloud backup service to offer is clear. BigMind. 

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