BigMIND by Zoolz Named Best Cloud Storage Service in 2020

Hear from the experts why BigMIND by Zoolz is the industry leader in cloud storage for business

By now you know cloud backup is essential for a business. Not only does cloud storage help protect your enterprise data from loss and physical damage to your systems, it’s also proven itself to be a cost-effective way to the data your business is required to keep on hand. 

Here at Zoolz we know that, and have worked tirelessly to develop a cloud backup and storage solution that does even more. The AI technology used to build BigMIND by Zoolz isn’t just a backup and storage solution, but a data management tool that helps organizations to stay on top of the copious amounts of data they create. But that was just the start. 

Business is constantly evolving and at BigMIND it’s no different. What started as a simple cloud backup solution has grown to include organizational tools that assist businesses in all industries to more easily navigate their stored data. Features like optical character recognition make the text within a scanned document or image searchable; and our AI-powered categorization can organize your photos by location, image features, people, or any custom tags you assign. 
We’ve worked hard to build a cloud backup solution for businesses that allows organizations to work better, not harder. This year, people noticed. Take a look at our favorite shout outs this year and hear from them why BigMIND by Zoolz is the premiere cloud backup solution for business.

“The Best Cloud Storage Services of 2020” dishes out reviews and comparisons of software and tools that can best assist small businesses. This year marks the first time Zoolz will be featured on their best overall cloud storage services list. Highlighting all of our features, helps make the case for why we stack up to be a leader in cloud storage solutions for business. And a secure one at that. Data protection is key when it comes to cloud storage and makes a point to mention the security features we use like multi-factor authentication and 256 AES encryption

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The team at Cloudwards know the cloud storage industry. Afterall, their entire website is dedicated to providing the latest news and expert reviews on cloud apps that provide storage solutions, data recovery, and security and web tools to assist small businesses. With their knowledge of cloud computing, their inclusion of BigMIND by Zoolz on “Best Online Backup for Archiving in 2020” drives home the backbone of our cloud backup service: cold storage. Cold storage allows us to offer such competitive pricing on our cloud solutions and makes archiving your data a simple task, rather than a grueling chore. 

“The Best Cloud Storage for Photos and Videos” 

Creative Bloq
Creative Bloq delivers news and reviews for digital artists and creative professionals. They don’t just dole out insight on the latest design trends, they also provide guides and expert reviews on products and services that can improve your workflow as a creative. Their mention of BigMIND by Zoolz helps prove cloud backup is necessary to every business and industry, even artists. And the same organization features that lend themselves specifically to the needs of digital creators can be translated across all businesses. Take character recognition for example. While being able to search items and text in an image is obviously necessary for a photographer, a legal professional combing through scanned pages of case files can find the tool equally as useful.

You don’t have to take their word for it. BigMIND by Zoolz offers a free 14-day trial so you can decide whether or not BigMIND is the right fit for your business. (Spoiler alert: it is.) To find out more about plans and pricing and sign up for a free trial visit