4 Ways Telecom Companies and ISPs Benefit from Offering Cloud Backup

Connectivity begins with telecommunication companies and internet service providers, or ISPs. After all, these are the companies businesses and people look to in order to get online or set up a network. Once a customer is connected, however, the need for a telecom or ISP decreases significantly. This presents a problem. As online access increases, the opportunities for telecoms and ISPs to expand their clientele shrinks. To combat a declining client pool, it’s necessary for telecoms and ISPs to evolve their business and services in order to guarantee continued growth in an increasingly competitive market.

If you’re a telecom or ISP looking for such solutions, look no further than cloud backup. The cloud services industry is growing, and it’s projected to be an $89 billion industry by 2022. This year was a catalyst for its growth, too; as companies transitioned their workforce to remote work, many organizations looked to cloud services and cloud backup to keep their employees connected and protected on their home networks. For telecoms and ISPs, offering a cloud backup is a natural progression of services and greatly beneficial to the bottom line. Want to know how? Find out below!

Business Agility

The last thing your telecom company needs is the addition of a labor intensive service. With little setup time, third party cloud backup services are rapidly deployed services. Installation takes mere minutes. Requiring such little service time, reselling cloud backup offers increased profits with no additional labor costs, all while offering businesses a necessary commodity: increased storage space for their enterprise data. 

Digital Dependency

The digital age is well underway; and as a telecom or ISP, you’re on the frontlines of helping businesses shift their processes to more efficient digital systems. By reselling a cloud backup service, your clients will find yet another digital solution from their telecom company; increasing their dependence and loyalty to you as a client. Implementing cloud backup may also be the first step in their digital journey, too. Once a client sees the ease of which they were able to transform their storage solution, they’ll be motivated to further digitally transform their workflow and require additional services from you as their service provider. 

New Revenue Growth

Cloud backup and storage isn’t exclusive to a single industry. From medical services to entertainment, the need to secure enterprise data is universal. Cloud backup services, like BigMIND by Zoolz, feature compliances like GDPR and HIPAA in order to legally store data from all industries too. By offering cloud backup services, your telecom or ISP can expand its serviced industries, generating new revenue streams from previously unexplored markets. 

Customer Service Support

Once cloud backup is in place, the automated solution essentially runs itself with many cloud backup and storage services offering their own customer support. The benefit being for both the reseller and the client. Telecom and ISP resellers can offer cloud backup solutions confidently, knowing their clients will have the maintenance and support they may require; while clients will be able to contact cloud backup specialists for any problems that may occur. 

These aren’t the only benefits to reselling a cloud backup solution, they are just the start. As enterprises continue to grow their dependency on the internet, it’s prudent for telecoms and ISPs to provide additional services that are in-line with this type of growth. One such solution is cloud backup. Requiring little setup time and offering built-in customer support, cloud backup offers an additional revenue stream at no cost— labor or otherwise— to the reseller. Additionally, offering such a service can increase revenue streams by creating client dependency and expanding potential market reach. 

Telecoms and ISPs are primely positioned to benefit from the growing cloud services market. Because they’re often the first call for network setup, telecom and ISPs can offer additional services to their clients without competition. By offering additional services like cloud backup, telecoms and ISPS can establish themselves as the go-to vendor for all digital solutions, creating not just a loyal client base but increasing profits along the way. 

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