6 Things You Can Do To Protect Against Ransomware

In the past week, there has been one thing that has dominated news across the world – ransomware. The WannaCry attack on May 12th infected over 75,000 users in over 99 countries.

As you may already know, all Zoolz products are protected against ransomware. But, hot on the heels of our previous blog, the Zoolz team have put together a number of best practices to enhance your data security.

  1.     Complete Updates

Make sure you complete operating and software updates as soon as possible. We advise to install the latest high priority updates because they contain patches for security vulnerabilities, which should be installed as soon as they’re made available. To streamline this process, we encourage you to enable automatic updates.

  1.     Don’t Click From Unconfirmed Sources

Do not disable the User Account Control (UAC) on your machine. As a rule of thumb, don’t click on email attachments or links from people you don’t know. Email is a popular medium for phishing attacks that distribute ransomware or other malware via infected attachments or links to malicious websites.

  1.     Keep Backups Of Your Files

At our core, Zoolz is a backup service. It’s recommended to backup files frequently. As standard, our technology offers automatic backup to support this. There is the extra added feature of allowing you to set daily backup schedules at specific times of the day.

  1.     Set Access Rights And Permissions

As a Zoolz customer, you already have a service that can allow you to set access rights and permissions. Additionally, there are some rules prebuilt as a Group Policy Object (GPO) on their Windows machine. Your can do the following:

  • Disable files running from the AppData and LocalAppData folders.
  • Block execution from the Temp subdirectory (part of the AppData tree by default).
  • Block executable files running from the working directories of various decompression utilities. Things like WinZip would fall into this category.
  1.      Enable Two-Factor Authentication

    Available within Zoolz Intelligent Cloud, Two-Factor Authentication can add an extra layer of protection.Once this feature is enabled, you can enter your login email and password, and you’ll receive an authentication call, which will be sent to your mobile device.
  2. Disable Macros via Group Policy

It’s always recommended to disable macros within Office, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In fact, in response to the growing threat of malicious virus’, a new feature was released in Office 2013/2016. Administrators can disable macros via Microsoft’s Group Policy.

How Can Zoolz Protect You?

Our technology is built to withstand an attack. Not only do we incorporate high levels of security, but we also have the following features to keep you protected.

Ransomware Resistant

Zoolz is designed to protect against ransomware. Our technology does this by preserving the first file uploaded for a lifetime! This means, even if your files are renamed by a hacker or changed, you can still roll back to the original file, anytime for life.

File Restore

Your customers can choose to restore data from a specific day. Retaining past backups allows for quick and easy recovery from ransomware and other malicious computer viruses.


Our hybrid protection means users can back up data to a server located on premise as well as the cloud. You can learn more about this feature here.

Automatic Backup

It’s recommended to backup files frequently. Our technology offers automatic backup to support this. And, your customers can also set daily schedules at specific times of the day.

Unlimited Versioning

Remind your customers that they can restore unlimited versions of their files. This avoids the scenario where one document, which is being used by the entire team cannot be restored because of the limitation of file and sync. Also, this feature also keeps data separate, preventing the spread into other versions.

Visit our website to learn more about the Zoolz platform. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial, to test the solution out for yourself.