How To Protect Yourself Against Ransomware

Ransomware is a hot topic right now. Large organizations and small businesses are finding it difficult to deal with it. It can destroy years and years of hard work. Last year, over $1 billion was spent trying to retrieve precious data from hackers. Let that sink in.

We’ve put this blog together to help you gain an understanding of the threat and how Zoolz can help.


What is ransomware?

It’s usually a Trojan file, masquerading as a normal file. If it’s downloaded by the user, ransomware begins encrypting the files, and typically a message is displayed informing the victim that they have a specific time frame to pay the attackers or risk losing their data. Usually, ransoms are paid in digital currencies that are difficult to trace.

How can companies protect themselves? By choosing a cloud provider that’s immune to this threat.


How Zoolz can help?

Being hit by a ransomware virus can be a disaster. Thankfully, we have a few remedies to ensure that your business is resistant to this threat. Our advanced platform will save the original file no matter what. This means, once your data is uploaded, the original file is saved for life, even if you rename it.


Features we offer:

Ransomware Resistant – Zoolz is designed to protect against ransomware. Our technology does this by preserving the first file uploaded for a lifetime! This means, even if your files are renamed by a hacker or changed, you can still roll back to the original file, anytime for life.

Automatic Backup – To proactively prevent ransomware, it’s recommended to backup files regularly and frequently. Zoolz offers automatic backup and as an admin, you can set daily schedules at specific times of the day.

File Restoring – You have the choice to restore data from a specific day. Retaining past backups allows for quick and easy recovery from ransomware and other malicious computer viruses.

Unlimited Versioning – If you’re using Zoolz to protect your company’s data, you can restore unlimited versions of your files. It also avoids the scenario where one document, which is being used by the entire team cannot be restored because of the limitation of file and sync. In addition, this feature keeps data separate, preventing the spread into other versions.

Hybrid+ – Our hybrid protection means users can back up data to a server located on premise as well as the cloud.


Tips to Keep You Safe

Complete Updates – Complete operating system and any software updates as soon as possible: software updates typically contain patches for security vulnerabilities and should be installed as soon as they’re made available. Enable automatic updates whenever possible to streamline this.

Don’t Click From Unconfirmed Sources – Don’t click on email attachments or links from people you don’t know. Email is a popular medium for phishing attacks that distribute ransomware or other malware via infected attachments or links to malicious websites.



Don’t take the “we’ll wait-and-see” approach.

All of our cloud products are protected against ransomware and these include:

Zoolz Cloud Archive
Zoolz Intelligent Cloud
Zoolz Home
Zoolz Intelligent Home

Visit our website to learn more about the Zoolz platform. Alternatively, you can sign up for a free trial, to test the solution out for yourself.