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To say the workforce has changed recently would be an understatement.

With the help of cloud computing, much of the workforce was able to seamlessly transition to remote working. However, as soon as it seemed like the world had collectively settled into its new socially distant reality, the next announcement came: it’s time to reopen. Managers now face a new dilemma- whether or not their employees should return to the office, and if they do return, how it can safely be done. 

Navigating the twists and turns brought on by the novel coronavirus has proven to be difficult, but thanks to Raconteur’s latest edition “Connected Business”, companies don’t have to do it alone. The special report released by The Times focuses on the convergence of business and technology, and is a comprehensive guide to get the most out of the newly dynamic workforce. 

What’s Inside

20% of remote workers say their biggest struggle is collaboration and communication

Many companies have seen their employees’ productivity increase as they moved to remote work. Unfortunately, many still feel they lack an effective way to collaborate and communicate with their teams. Surprisingly, the solution to this has been around for a while. Find out how tech of a bygone era is making a comeback on page 6. 

“More businesses will realise it’s not just meetings and working from home that need to be digitalised” -Jeff Boslem, Regional Director for Cloud & Hosted Collaboration, Cisco

Organisations (and families!) of all sizes looked to the cloud-based video conferencing app Zoom to stay connected, but the app is just the tip of the cloud-solution iceberg. From point-of-sale terminals to messaging, there’s a plethora of cloud services that assist in helping businesses stay together, but none more valuable than cloud backup and storage. Want more? Check out how to effectively collaborate and  move your business forward with the cloud on page 12.

“Just over half the jobs in the US today are possible to perform at a distance with digital technology” – Dr. Carl Benedikt Frey, Oxford Martini Citi Fellow, University of Oxford

Productivity throughout many industries has still failed to recover from the 2008 financial crisis, limiting  not only businesses but entire economies. Now, as companies are forced to adapt to a changing work model, new technologies are helping to recover from decades of stagnant productivity. Find out what drives this digital transformation and how to get the most of our own  digital conversion on page 8.

Get the latest stats on the state of business and even more tips and guidance on how to best adapt your company to the ever-changing business landscape with the latest edition of The Times’ Raconteur. Check out how to keep your employees empowered, which tools are the best for staying connected, and what the best practices are for meeting your goals as the business world moves to put the pandemic behind them. 

The best part? You can get “Connected Business” for free! Follow the link and get access to the whole report at absolutely no cost! 

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