How Media Companies Can Benefit From The Intelligent Cloud

Five ways Zoolz Intelligent Cloud can help media companies

The explosion of file-based media is increasing every year. It’s essential for businesses in this sector to have a robust platform that can store the unprecedented amount of content that’s being produced every year. Traditional cloud backup simply can’t keep up.

Fortunately, we’ve created an intelligent platform that can cope with these demands, while increasing productivity and collaboration.

Below are 5 ways in which media companies can benefit from integrating Zoolz Intelligent Cloud.

Video and audio streaming

You can now stream media files without any interruptions. Once a HD video is uploaded, it’s made available for instant streaming. No matter the size, any video can also be securely shared to any computer, smartphone or tablet device. Our platform supports 100s of media formats including 4K, mp3 and WAV files.

Reduce Costs


We’ve helped our media clients save 20% by transitioning to the cloud. Losing files can be costly, as well as spending time backing up disks and hard drives that will eventually fail. With Zoolz Intelligent Cloud you can reduce costs on servers and primary storage devices. You don’t need to be an IT technician to use Zoolz. That’s the beauty of our platform.

Intelligent filters


We believe users should have the option to find their data in a number of ways. So, when a photographer uploads an image, the technology will extract all the metadata, giving them the freedom to search by quality, camera type, location, date, size and footage length. They can even search by dominant colour in photographs.

Content search


Our powerful innovative eDiscovery tool allows you to find files by content and keywords. Say you’re looking for an invoice, a media planning document and can’t remember the filename. Instead of wasting time searching through different folder, you just need to type ‘BBC Media Document’, and in seconds, the platform will present all the relevant files, along with a preview of the sentence.

Mobile sharing


Imagine you have a massive video campaign and you want to share the final cut with a colleague or your client. Maybe they are on the train or in another office. No matter where they are, in just a few clicks, you can share the video to their desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet device. The recipient will then be able to view the video without any buffering, no matter the size. For added security, users have the option password protect their files and even get a download notification, so you know when the recipient has viewed the video. *The free mobile apps will be released very soon.*

This is just the first step in our ambitious road-map to assist media companies to discover and access their data.

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