Review Box Interview Our CEO

Our CEO, Muayyad Shehadeh, was recently interview by Review Box. The outlet strives to provide their readers with unbiased reviews and interview from the tech world.

The crux of the interview focuses on the benefits of our new product, Zoolz Intelligent Cloud and the driving force behind its creation.

It’s an interesting read for anyone that wants to gain an insight into our company. You can also read the interview to get some information on our upcoming mobile apps.

Below, you can read a snippet of the interview.

You’ll just released a new product, Zoolz Intelligent Cloud. How does this product differ from what’s already on the market?

Zoolz Intelligent is the evolution of cloud storage. We live in the age of instant access. Think about it, we have services like Twitter that give us breaking news, services like Netflix that give us to access thousands of movies on demand. We’ve got to a point where instant access is expected. Why should cloud storage differ? It shouldn’t. That’s why we created our new product. By utilizing the latest in A.I. technologies, we’ve created an integrated solution that can allow businesses to access their data in an intelligent way, while protecting it with military-grade encryption.

To read the interview in full, visit Review Box.