Can I Trust The Cloud?

Without the right cloud provider, your data could be vulnerable to security breaches. In this blog we will give you tips and tricks on how you can enhance your cloud security by using Zoolz Cloud Backup.

1. Use client-side encryption

The utmost important feature you should be looking for when choosing a cloud solution is client-side encryption where you specify the encryption key. This means that your files will be processed with zero knowledge. To set your own encryption password, go to the “backup settings page”, during your first backup configuration and change the security option to “use my own password”.

Client Encryption

There are plenty of cloud services that do not offer zero knowledge encryption. To test if the service does provide it, there shouldn’t be “a forget password” or “reset password” option and you should not be able to recover your encrypted data with the new password.

With Zoolz, if you lose your encryption key, you will not be able to restore or access your data, so it is highly recommended that you store your key in a safe or safe deposit box written on paper and not on your computer.

We use 256-AES military grade encryption, so if the hacker does decide to attempt a hack, they would require a computer that costs billions and would take 1.3 quadrillion years to break.

It is also worth mentioning that Zoolz also transfers your data to the cloud using SSL and encrypts it on the server using 256-AES encryption, so if you choose to use Zoolz internal encryption, your data is pretty safe too.

2. Use different passwords

To access your account you must provide Zoolz with a password and it is highly recommended that it is different than your encryption password.

However, it is worth noting that Zoolz saves an irreversible hash of your password and not your actual password and that is what is sent to our databases to verify that you are the account holder. So even if the hacker managed to access our securely encrypted databases, they will only have the hash of your password and not the actual password and feeding that into the login page results in an invalid password.

Another good tip is to save both your encryption password and sign in password in two different locations, so if your computer got stolen at least your encryption password is not on it, assuming you took our advice in writing that one on a paper and storing it in a safe.

3. Don’t use the ‘stay logged in’ feature when logging in on a mobile or public computer
If you are using a public computer or you are rarely accessing your Zoolz data, uncheck the “stay logged in” feature to ensure that even if you forgot to logout on a public computer, or your laptop got stolen, your account will not be compromised.

Can I trust the cloud


Remember these important tips and your data will be stored securely on the cloud and you will not have to worry about losing your important data again.