External And Internal Drives: Time To Move Them To The Cloud!

Let’s face it; there isn’t anyone that doesn’t love having constant access to data no matter where they are. For anyone living in this fast paced life that we’re leading, changing location constantly from work to leisure, it’s inevitable to lose track of your data at some point or another. So just take a moment to think about this concept; what if you never have to worry about where your files actually are because they can be at your access at any given moment? Yes, it can be that simple, no worries, no trouble, just access and instant access that is.

A couple of years ago, USB thumb drives solved this issue for a while. However, with more data piling up, it was troublesome not to be able to carry all the necessary documents with you all the time. Internal drives were amazing to store everything you wanted however they were not portable. External hard drives emerged and got quite the attention, and they did offer a compelling solution for a little while, but carrying them around was really burdening especially if you are a frequent flier and need every extra pound.

So you’re probably asking yourself: “if hard drives are dead, and USB is obsolete, then what is left for actual users like me?” the answer is simple, it’s time to look at the cloud for more than a weather forecast.

They say no guts no glory, right? Well, you’ll have to have guts to move to the cloud but once you’re there, you will not settle for anything else. Given, of course, you choose the suitable cloud solution to fit your needs.

Zoolz is the very first cloud backup to adopt Cold Storage Technology to securely backup, archive and safe keep huge amounts of data to the cloud for a lifetime.

Need more convincing? Check out these 4 points:

1.   Security

Security is most certainly of utmost importance to anyone; that’s the whole point of backing up and storing data. With external hard drives, any simple mistake can lead to their loss or damage and thus exposing your data, leaving you outraged and broken-hearted. That’s why strong encryption is needed. With Zoolz, each and every file is encrypted using military level AES encryption of files before leaving the computer.

2.   Simple and easy to use

It’s as simple as it gets. No more worries about which files are on the external drive and which aren’t; simply step outside your house knowing everything you might or would need is available at your disposal anytime.

3.   File versioning & deduplication

With external hard drives you are missing out on very important features that are easily offered by the cloud, or specifically, by Zoolz. One thing that springs to mind is file versioning. For example, if you accidentally saved a file and overwrite critical lines, you can simply go back and restore a previous version from last week. Even if you delete files from your machine, Zoolz will keep a backup of them and allow you to restore them anytime you want. Now, show us an external hard drive that does that!

4.   Flexible storage

Cloud storage solutions such as Zoolz allow you to just pay for what you really need.  Where it’s 100 GB or 2TB of storage, you’ll find a plan to suit your needs. Or better yet, you have the freedom to adopt a “pay as you go” kind of attitude. If you buy an external drive, you’ll have to think ahead of exactly how much storage you’ll need in the future so as not to buy too much or buy too little that can be impossible at times!

The time is now to move to the cloud!

It’s easy to see that external hard drives are a thing of the past. Their disadvantages outweigh their advantages and yet many people are still avidly using them with the argument they are “more secure” when in fact they are not. So bear that in mind next time you convince yourself with a hard drive over a cloud solution.