Zoolz Briefing Note by Storage Switzerland


Looking for a spot of reading this week? You may want to take a look at this new briefing note by Storage Switzerland, a reputable outlet covering the best in cloud technology.


Joseph Ortiz, an analyst from Storage Swiss, wrote a comprehensive review on our Zoolz Intelligent platform. It’s an unbiased look into our technology, written by an expert in the field.


Here’s a brief insight into the briefing note:


“The Zoolz Intelligent Cloud service provides some unique and compelling features with strong security at a reasonable cost that should be attractive to SMBs. The powerful advanced eDiscovery and search features, as well as media streaming, retention control and versioning options, are something not found in most backup solutions.”


Joseph also added:

“Zoolz can also handle data sovereignty requirements across Europe and Asia-Pacific. All of these features makes the Zoolz Intelligent Cloud solution one worth any organization giving serious consideration.”

Read the review in full at Storage Switzerland website.
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