Increasing Profits During the Pandemic

 Making the most of your reselling business in today’s market

Budgets are being squeezed. Spending is shrinking to almost nothing. As more and more companies report layoffs due to decreased earnings this year, the future of B2B seems bleak. The projections for Q3 so far don’t show a better outlook. For resellers and partners who distribute business solutions, this may seem worrying. But it doesn’t have to be; incorporating a propitious industry and its solutions into your inventory can help increase business during this unpredictable time. 

And no industry has fared better in 2020 than technology. 

As the pandemic spread across the globe, companies were forced to rethink their workflow in order to help combat the spread. What was once thought of as impossible- remote work- became the norm, and looking ahead, continues to be. This, of course, was made possible by strides made in the tech industry over the last two decades. For resellers and business partners looking to evolve their reselling business to outlast the lows of the pandemic, moving into technology reselling may be the answer. 

For many organizations, figuring out ways in which to support a hybrid or fully remote workforce has become a new necessity in order to ensure continued productivity. As a reseller, offering such solutions is how you can ensure your own productivity in today’s struggling market. While the immediate solutions which come to mind may be task management and communication tools, the ultimate tool for business cloud storage. It works not just to backup important data, but connects a team spread across multiple locations. 

A recent analysis of the cloud storage industry projects an increase of 23.7% by 2022, which would make the cloud storage industry an almost $89B industry by then. The report takes into account the expected adoption of cloud storage services, but was also released before the pandemic hit, leaving current trends ahead of the projection. 

Cloud storage solutions offer more than simply data storage. For a business with a separated workforce, the cloud also becomes the conference room of the e-office. On the cloud, files can be shared and updated instantly between users, archived infinitely in the case of data loss, and with the right features, assist in data management. Adding a business-minded cloud solution to your offerings may help to increase sales during the current economic slump. 

But adding just any cloud solution to your catalogue may not prove fruitful. In addition to pandemic proofing a business, the best cloud solutions can also future-proof a business. To have the most competitive offering, a state-of-the-art cloud solution featuring AI technology and smart assistance can put your reselling inventory a step ahead of the rest. Features like optical character, object, and face recognition help businesses seamlessly manage their data while document discovery features like multi-language understanding and file versioning help users navigate large troves files. 

Choosing the right cloud provider to resell isn’t just picking the one with the best features, either. Finding one that works for you as a reseller is just as important. With resellers being key for connecting tech solutions to the end-user, cloud service partner programs are also incentivized to help resellers get the most out of the product. For instance, some cloud backup service providers offer pay-as-you-go programs, allowing resellers and partners to only purchase what they need and save money upfront. In addition, partnering with a cloud solution provider which offers rewards upon sign up and encourages sales with additional rewards and bonuses is also beneficial in these times. 

Although the economy continues to struggle, your reselling business doesn’t have to; incorporating tech solutions including cloud backup can help to secure your sales during the ongoing economic downturn and bring your stock into the future. 

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