How Can Law Firms Benefit From Cloud Storage

What ways can law firms benefit from zoolz intelligent cloud

More and more law firms are migrating to cloud technology in order to harness the benefits of cloud storage. Platforms like Zoolz Intelligent Cloud can bring great benefits to your organisation without having the need for an IT expert or high maintenance costs.

Below, we’ve put together 5 ways legal practices can benefit from a cloud storage provider like Zoolz.

Content Discovery

Without interrupting your workflow, we’ve built a powerful eDiscovery tool that can let you find your data by content. So, if you’re looking for a case file but can’t remember the filename, you can now search by a keyword or phrases and the technology will present you with the relevant files. You can even get a sentence preview, much like a search engine.

Search Results Feature Within Zoolz Intelligent Cloud

Convert PDFs Into Searchable Data

You can waste valuable time trying to find PDFs. We’ve all been there. You’re looking for a legal agreement but can’t remember where you saved it. We’ve eliminated this problem with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. Once you upload a PDF and the technology will convert it into searchable data, meaning you can find any case documents or legal agreements even easier. Once the file is on our servers, it’s protected with military-grade encryption, so you can rest assured that your sensitive data is secure and free from ransomware.


Reduce IT Costs


Our top priority is to save you money, whilst keeping your valuable data assets safe, secure and accessible. Zoolz Intelligent eliminates the need for costly IT resources such as on-premise over-priced storage equipment. You’ll only need pay for the on-demand secure storage you need.

Automatic Protection


With our automatic protection feature, we’ve made it easier to backup any new or amended legal documents. All you have to do is upload the data and we’ll do the rest.

Mobile Sharing


Whether you’re on your way to meet a client or working out of the office, it’s important to be able to access your data straight from your smartphone. With Zoolz, you can access your files from anywhere with an internet connection. *Our free mobile apps will be released very soon*

This is just the beginning of our plans to assist legal practices discover and access their data in innovative ways.

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