Do not get Heart-Broken!

Heartbleed-bugUnless you have been living under a stone for the past week, you will undoubtedly have stumbled upon something called The Heartbleed Bug. It has been called the single biggest security threat to ever inflict the avant-garde internet.

Explain it to me?!

At the root of Heartbleed is encryption; unless you are an I.T professional, a geek or simply intrigued by security in general you probably won’t know what encryption is, but in simple terms think of it as a series of secret symbols or a whole secret language used between 2 people.

The internet, being the glorious web of all things knowledgeable – and less so as well – employs a set of protocols for security and encryption that are generally knows as Security Socket Layer (SSL) and its heritor Transport Layer Security (TLS).

The prevailing employment of SSL and TLS is a set of open tools called OpenSSL. Don’t be alarmed; more than 66% of the internet runs on OpenSSL. This might be the first time you are acquainted of OpenSSL but you probably come across it on a daily basis.

Is OpenSSL 100% secure?

What would occur if OpenSSL was inflicted by a glitch? What if those secret keys you have shared with only the server were suddenly prone to be accessed by any 3rd party? Get ready for this; what if this glitch was completely and utterly undetectable? We don’t mean to scare you, but that is Heartbleed in plain terms!

This fault is designed in such a manner that given enough time and energy, an abundance of information can be accessed by somebody, all the while you and the server you are communicating with would never know.

The most horrendous aspect of the whole thing is that the flaw has been around since December 2011, thus meaning that a multitude of software packages have started using the vulnerable version of SSL in May of 2012.

Wait, what?

This means that for the past two years, any website, applications, private messaging services or banks that run OpenSSL have indeed been exposed. Technically, it’s a very hard thing to fix, and it’s not sufficient for IT professionals to just patch copies of OpenSSL that are running on their websites, apps and devices. Also, any digital certificates issued before the patch have to be authenticated and deemed safe.

So is Zoolz bleeding?

This horror-like story does have a happy ending to it; luckily for our users, ever since we’ve launched Zoolz, our goal was to make sure their files and data were 100% safe from any forms of internet glitches and hiccups. Even though Amazon, the infrastructure used by Zoolz, has issued

a fix as swiftly as they could, Zoolz is uninflected by the whole thing because our service uses an immaculate OpenSSL version. Thus meaning any hacks or vulnerabilities are fated to find no light.

Don’t get “heart-broken”

 First and foremost, make sure the provider you are interested in testing has either updated to Patch Heartbleed, or already has safe servers to start with.

 Since we believe in the empowerment of the end user, we hope this article will equip you with enough knowledge to set aside any potential risks. So, to recap; if the service provider proved to be compromised, the server admin is obliged to reissue the OpenSSL certificate and keys using the fixed version of OpenSSL. Only then you ought to change your account details (such as your passwords).

 If you are eager to verify a website, follow these simple steps paying attention to the OpenSSL certificate issue data:


Click the Padlock icon in the Navigational Toolbar → View Certificate


click the Padlock icon → Connection → certificate information


Click the Padlock icon in the Navigational Toolbar →More Information →Security tab → View Certificate


Validity shows that it is issued on 02/04/2014 and expires on 01/07/2014

Due to this Heartbleed bug, it is recommended that SSL certs are updated ASAP such as implemented by Google, as seen from above.

Yes, it is that simple; don’t be too petrified of big terms on the internet. While it might be great to have a panic mode on; so as many websites hurry to fix any loose ends, the highly legitimate websites will always remain secure regardless of how grave the hacks may become.


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Next checkup coming up? No worries, we got your back!

Close-up of stethoscope on laptop keyboardHave you stumbled upon a term called: “HIPPA” and immediately associated it with a dub of a domestic animal? Well, let’s shed some light so next time you’re at a tedious outing, you can open up and interesting topic while sounding the eloquent knowledgeable person you know you are.700-501 exam

HIPPA is actually short for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The act sets the bar for safeguarding sensitive patient data in the United States. Therefore, any business that collects health information is obliged by law to protect it. Businesses are required to establish that all of the necessary physical, network and process security measures are being met and adhered to so that your health information is never at risk.

Being HIPPA-compliant, Zoolz guarantees that your health information is being taken care of in the finest way. Zoolz software and services make sure to establish the required anchors that will permit businesses to backup crucial and confidential health information with the proper tools to keep that information private. Meaning encryption keys are necessitated and all the data has to be encrypted all through the backup process. While at rest and stored in Zoolz’s data centers, that same data has to be encrypted. Putting it in plain English; unauthorized parties will not be able to access the highly protected health information.

Health information or not, Zoolz caters to any and all kinds of data that businesses would like to backup, as well as any files that home users are concerned with. Zoolz offers automated cloud backup as well as disaster recovery insurance against hardware failure, theft, virus attack, deletion and natural disaster.

If you are not directly affiliated with the healthcare industry, then these details might sound like a bore to you. However, you must know that your own personal information is always yours and only yours. Zoolz regards your data and its protection very seriously so that you’re able to concentrate your attention to other aspects in your life.

HIPPA ramifications might be quite complex, however our pledge to you and your data is straightforward and hinged on these ethics:

- Your information is entirely yours.
- Your information is Never up for auction to anyone.
- Delving into your information to create a profile of you or target advertising is Never an option.
- If your account is active, you can always retrieve your information. Even if you leave Zoolz, we Never have any rights to your information.

If it’s concerning your health information at your physician’s office, your precious family photos or those burdening yet crucial tax documents on your computer at home, Zoolz can handle it, and handle it well.640-816 certification

Come to think of it, when was your last doctor’s checkup?


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The best way to store your Terabytes of data!

file-cabinets-big-dataLet’s face it; losing data is so horrible you would not even wish it on your worst enemies. Yet, if that misfortune does befall upon you, it will surely empty your pockets trying to recover all the lost data, if you could recover it all that is.

At present, whether we like it or not, everything is digital. File sizes are becoming bigger and bigger with businesses, from small to medium, having enormous amounts of data to store. The immediate thought would be to resort to hard drives, and you could do that using RAID 1 – 5 , or even flat external drives. But stop for a moment because you need to think about two important questions; what would you do if your drives got corrupted, and why do you think everyone is moving to the cloud?

To answer your first question we’d have to switch bodies to know exactly how it feels to lose impeccably important data, but for the second question we can aid a bit because it is indeed a fair question. Most people are interested in finding out not only why, but how will the cloud help elevate their business when there are already traditional tools, products and software that “work” just fine. While it is true to say “why reinvent the wheel if it’s working well” , as entrepreneurs we also know that we must be ready to make use of any kind of solution that will change the way we do business.

The first foremost important advantage you will gain we adopting a cloud solution, is that it will save you time. Time is money is an understatement; once you have so much more free time on your hands, you will no longer have to worry about stability, infrastructure and a high volume of demand. This is exactly when your business starts to change.

For starters, your current IT team can be maneuvered into a position of more critical value. Instead of installing environments and making sure they are working properly, the IT team can be placed into sales, post-sales or demos and instantly adding much more weight to help you and your customers flourish.

As mentioned above, there are always the traditionally used software or free cloud already in use such as dropbox or Google drive. However, you have to bear in mind that these solutions we introduced with the average user in mind and are not 100% secure nor practical for businesses with more than 100GB of data.

While there are currently a bundle of normal cloud solutions in the market for your business to choose from, most of them are not affordable nor cost- effective. You can see for yourself in the chart below.

SpiderOak Enterprise

Mozy Business







Price of 5 TB/ year







This is where we stepped in and designed Zoolz to solve such obstacles that hinder business from achieving all they truly can.

To cut things short, in this post we will attempt to break it down to you how Zoolz works, why you ought to adopt it and how Zoolz managed to be the very first Cloud backup to incorporate the Amazon Glacier technology.

Feel free to pick and choose:

Zoolz has been designed in such a way that every individual, regardless of how business or tech oriented, will find the plan to suit his needs.

Since we are talking about terabytes of data, we predict it is more suitable for you to take a look at the Zoolz Business plans. If you proceed to clicking to the Zoolz Pricing page you will notice we offer three flexible options as shown below:




The first option that is selected above is the Cold Storage Plans; this is the one we shall be discussing today and it is designed for those of you who are looking for incredibly large amounts of data to be backed up with a marginal price as displayed above. This has been made possible thanks to the Cold StorageTM technology that is behind the Terabyte plans.

You will be getting a number of perks if you select this plan, that include;

- Unlimited users and servers meaning you can upload your data from as many computers and servers as you please, truly unlimited.

- Hybrid+ technology enhances the overall performance and effectiveness of the backup making the restore time down to zero.

- Impeccable intelligence that is embodied through choosing the best path of restoration and it is done so automatically.

- A storage for a lifetime that is engineered to keep all of your external, internal and network drives without any interference.
1TB can be obtained for $300/year, 2TB for $600/year, 5TB for $1500/ year, 10TB for $3000/ year and if you are a super duper user and need even more than 10 TB you can always contact the sales department.


→ How Zoolz helps transfer large amounts of data with more than just the typical seed process:

The answer is simple; it’s with CES.  Copy, encrypt and ship that is.


Each and every one of us has their special talent and thus we do not expect you to be an IT guru and understand these technical differences. That is why we will try to break it down to you the difference between what we do, and what others do.


The Copy, Encrypt and Ship Process → Let’s say your company has 1TB of data, you send it over to our data centers to perform the Copy Encrypt and Ship process. If your company suddenly (after God knows how much time) receives more TB of data to backup, you can always send it again without a problem.

The Seed Drive Process →  This is the procedure most common with other vendors. Unfortunately, with seeding data can only be sent once, at the beginning of the backup job, to be uploaded, and never again.


So How does this work?

The clients are sent a special version of Zoolz; it encrypts the data and copies it over to the hard drive, then we send the client instructions on where to send it. He sends it over to Amazon thus ensuring we never touch the data ourselves and penetrate the users’ privacy.

More info?

Break it down to me in steps. Here goes:

1- Contact our sales team to get a shipping label for your drive

2- Prepare and connect your drive to your computer that you have Zoolz installed on

3- Open the Copy service setup wizard, and follow the step-by-step Wizard to start the service.

4- Once you’re done, click on Stop Copy Service button on Zoolz Dashboard

5- Ship it and we’ll do the rest

 → Quick Tip:

Not sure that CES is for you? Here is when you need to consider it:

It depends on your Internet connection speed and the amount of data you wish to backup. Basically if you have more than 1TB, shipping will save time and Internet bandwidth, however, if your connection speed is 1Mbps then you might want to consider using this service if you are backing up 100GB or more.

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External and Internal drives: time to move them all to the cloud!

TimetomovetotheCloudLet’s face it; there practically is no one who doesn’t love having constant access to data no matter where they actually are. For anyone living in this fast paced life that we’re leading, changing location constantly from work to leisure, it’s inevitable to lose track of your data at some point or another. So just take a moment to think about this concept; what if you never have to worry about where your files actually are because they can be at your access at any given moment? Yes, it can be that simple, no worries, no trouble, just access and instant access that is.

A couple of years ago, USB thumb drives solved this issue for a while. However, with more data piling up, it was troublesome not to be able to carry all the necessary documents with you all the time. Internal drives were amazing to store everything you wanted however they were not portable. External hard drives emerged and got quite the attention, and they did offer a compelling solution for a little while, but carrying them around was really burdening especially if you are a frequent flier and need every extra pound.

So you’re probably asking yourself: “if hard drives are dead, and USB is obsolete, then what is left for actual users like me?” the answer is simple, it’s time to look at the cloud for more than a weather forecast.

They say no guts no glory, right? Well, you’ll have to have guts to move to the cloud but once you’re there, you will not settle for anything else. Given, of course, you choose the suitable cloud solution to fit your needs.

Zoolz is the very first cloud backup to adopt Cold Storage Technology to securely backup, archive and safe keep huge amounts of data to the cloud for a lifetime.


Need more convincing? Check out these 4 points:

1.   Security

Security is most certainly of utmost importance to anyone; that’s the whole point of backing up and storing data. With external hard drives, any simple mistake can lead to their loss or damage and thus exposing your data, leaving you outraged and broken-   hearted. That’s why strong encryption is needed. With Zoolz, each and every file is encrypted using military level AES encryption of files before leaving the computer.

2.   Easy Breezy

It’s as simple as it gets. No more worries about which files are on the external drive and which aren’t; simply step outside your house knowing everything you might or would need is by default available at your disposal anytime.

3.   File versioning & deduplication

With external hard drives you are missing out on very important features that are easily offered by the cloud, or specifically, by Zoolz. On the tip of my mind is file versioning; say if you accidentally save a file and overwrite critical lines you can simply go back and restore a previous version from last week. Even if you delete files from your machine, Zoolz will keep them in the backup and you can restore them anytime you want. Now show us an external hard drive that does that!

4.   Flexible storage

Cloud storage solutions such as Zoolz allow you to just pay for what you really need.  Where it’s 100 GB or 2TB of storage, you’ll find a plan to suit your needs. Or better yet, adopt a “pay as you go” kind of attitude. If you buy an external drive, you’ll have to think ahead of exactly how much storage you’ll need in the future so as not to buy too much or buy too little that can be impossible at times!


The time is now to move to the cloud!

It’s easy to see that external hard drives are a thing of the past. Their disadvantages outweigh their advantages and yet many people are still avidly using them with the argument they are “more secure” when in fact they are not (loss, damage, etc). So bear that in mind next time you convince yourself with a hard drive over a cloud solution, and choose Zoolz today, you’ll never go back.



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An icicle fit for every need!


What do you get when you combine a cloud with brilliant engineering? No, not Felix the astronaut going on another excursion but something much more intriguing: Glacier! The one thing you ought to invest in, whether you are into technology or not. How so? Well, chances are you are a music lover, with a vast library of handpicked singles that mean the world to you. If not, then you’re probably a more visual person with an eye for anything that sticks out and thus have tons of valuable images that are quite irreplaceable. Still sensing no resemblance? Well, then you are probably one of those aspiring writers, who writes each and every night just when everyone goes to sleep and the light is dim enough to trigger the much more luminous light that lies within you. Whether you could actually relate to any of those scenarios or not, just take a moment and Imagine the catastrophe if all of those inspirational aspects of your life had faded away with no chance or retrieval? Could happen, and it did happen to many oblivious users before, so why not be ahead of such situations and save yourself the heartache?

If you are still hesitant towards the whole thing, here are some pros and cons that will surely help pave the way for a much clearer understanding of the whole concept.

Come to the bright side (we have fruits) :

1. Cost of storage
From a price point of view, glacier is definitely a good deal; it is in fact cheaper than most in-house disk product.

2. Reliable and Secure
It is claimed by Amazon that Glacier is designed to deliver impeccable reliability; 11 nines which is basically 99.999999999% and thus making the storage of data across a multitude of systems in multiple facilities highly candid.

3. Archives are accessible from anywhere
A great case that makes Glacier quite compelling is that of many smaller organizations. Those SMBs find themselves sending tapes to the warehouse once a week due in order to save up on paying a courier to pick up those tapes on a daily basis. What they failed to think through is that if they had invested in a backup such as Glacier, it could automatically duplicate the local backup data to Glacier as each backup job was completed.

4. Ideal for long-term archival purposes
It is quite common for many organizations to have what I like to humorously name WORN – write once/read never- data that needs to be withheld either due to legal purposes or simply because no one actually has the nerves or authority to delete it. Such things might be home directories, HR records of users fired 8 years ago and even X-rays of inactive patients. Had the IT department set the expectations properly, then such data can easily be archived to Glacier and thus ensuring that no one had to worry about it ever again.

Come to the dark side (we have chocolate):

1. Download times
There is no such thing as a free lunch; If you were looking for immediate access to your data, unfortunately Glacier does not provide that. Access request can take from 3 to 5 hours.

2. Not plug and play At present not enough 3rd party tools available which are user-friendly.Glacier is not an FTP server or Digital Asset Management System. You can’t flip through thumbnails or in the use case I’m giving in this video, do meta data association.

Nothing is all sunshine and butterflies; Glacier is not an end to end solution for normal users. It does provide API, and with that, anyone can build apps to interact and manage Glacier. Currently, there are not enough 3rd party tools attainable

3. Complex pricing for data retrieval While uploading is free, Amazon is charging a fee for retrieving more than 5% of the customer’s average monthly storage to discourage customers from using Glacier for general storage purposes. Unless you are only going to download your “free allotment” each day. What is your “free allotment”? Five percent of your total storage, per day.

Why using Zoolz when uploading to the Glacier Cloud?


1. Faster, Smarter; Zoolz is designed with deduplication, bulk upload, compression, block level and above all, smart performance in mind.

2. Flexible Pricing; Zoolz pay as you go service allows you to purchase as much as you need when you need it. The account upgrades instantly without any configuration or migration. Paying for what you use saves you thousands since you do not have to purchase unused storage and seats for future expansion.

3. Friendly User Management Zoolz makes do it yourself IT easy; control everything from an easy to use centralized location online.

To learn more about Zoolz’s features click here

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Flickr; is it just another Trojan Horse?

cloud-computingWe admit it; it’s quite hard not to be rooting for Yahoo! CEO Marissa Meyer. She has been able in less than a year to boost Yahoo stock by 70%. Only yesterday they closed at $26.58; a number that is close to the $33/share that Microsoft offered when it attempted to take over the Internet pioneer 5 years ago. Many were quite confident that such a price for stock would never come close again.

Many were enticed to hear about their 1 terabyte giveaway. However, do not been fooled by this Trojan horse and remember: Flickr is a hosting website for streaming and sharing images and not a comprehensive cloud backup solution for all of your documents!

Here are some of our highlights of the major differences between Zoolz and Flickr:


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We’re proud to announce…


Hi Zoolzers! We’re glad to announce that we’ve reached our 1 million benchmark! Those of 350-001 you who have already registered for an account and are waiting for an email 200-120 need not to worry for we will proceed with their accounts. For the professionals of you, do check out Zoolz Business.

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Cloud Backup designed for Professional Photographers

Cloud Storage for Photographers

Whether it’s on the TV, radio, magazines or the newspapers, it seems there’s one thing that cannot be ignored: Chrome Hearts eyewear The Cloud. The tech industry has been revolutionized with the introduction of Cloud Computing in a way that makes it hard to even think of how it was before. Despite the fact that the technology behind the cloud may be perplexing, the concept of Cloud Computing is quite straightforward.

Photographers, however, have not been so fortunate to benefit from the Cloud. Up until recently, backing up has been a hassle; be it the large expenses that ought to be paid to store all the images, or even finding the right solution that won’t mislead you into investing with the “not so secure” software.

Regardless of how habitual your backup strategy actually is, theft, damage, different accidents as well as natural disasters are always weighty threats for data loss. Imagine losing all the work you’ve done thus far; all of your clients’ photographs, your very own portfolios and your precious Chrome Hearts photo libraries that you have invested an immeasurable time editing and organizing.



We realize that the creation of fascinating images is the way photographers make a living and it takes a lot of time, preparations and effort to achieve that perfect shot. So, making sure they are safely kept is just as important as the pictures themselves. Imagine snapping a picture of Rihanna at the Grammy’s that is of better quality than any paparazzi could’ve hoped and then losing it; you’d probably go insane!

Precious pictures are not only of value for professional photographers; catching your child walk for the first time, your teenager hit the home run and win the game or the perfect moment under the Eiffel tower are most certainly priceless.

Are you willing to risk it all? If your answer was no, then you ought to start gauging the best backup strategy for your business. We’ve noticed that the majority of professional photographers are looking for something that will be secure, simple, affordable and most importantly have the feature of supporting RAW images. We’re aware that professional photographers take hundreds if not thousands of RAW images a year, and thus are always looking for an ideal storage solution.

So, the answer to the question: “Where to invest and stay satisfied?” is very simple; Zoolz 2.0

Why? Here are the top 5 reasons for you to instantly jump on board:

1. With Zoolz 2.0 users can now enjoy automatic RAW Support with thumbnail creation on the fly.

2. Security is our top priority; the data is encrypted before leaving the machine and yet still thumbnails can be viewed without decrypting the image itself.

3. Simplifying the experience is our specialty; with Zoolz 2.0 you can search instantly, browse easily through the thumbnails, delete any file any time all of this while the software silently and intelligently works in the background.

4. External drives are not neglected; Zoolz can backup all your external drives without any restrictions or capping.

5. Perfecting the price; last but not least is the price of course and it is what interests every customer. With the introduction of low cost Cold Storage(TM) users can enjoy an ample 100GB for the mere price of $3. This saves a huge amount instead of investing on a multitude of external hard disks that will ultimately leave you stranded.

So, bottom line is, get on Zoolz today, and enjoy the peace of mind of having brilliant work that will never get lost or tarnished.


Image Map
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The evolution of data storage

Evolution of Data Storage

Punch Card

We have to face it; data storage no longer grows on trees but you’d be surprised that this hasn’t always been so. Just turn your Delorean time machine back to the 18th century and you will first handedly witness the making of the punch cards, which were basically made of hard cardstorck with punched holes to represent data.

Floppy Disk
Moving on to 1971, when IBM proudly introduced the first floppy disk. These bulky old-school storage medium were made up of a circular magnetic film protected by a flexible jacket, thus the term “floppy”. This storage medium was read-only at first, and then later versions added the write-capability as well as increase the scan capacity by more than 6 times. We won’t get into technicalities, however we must say, if you’ve ever owned one of these floppies you can go ahead and award yourself 100 geek point, and a whooping 1000 if you still actually have one.

Magneto-Optical Drive
Sadly, in no way affiliated to the comic book hero, the magneto-optical drive (MOD) was introduced around 1990 and can be regarded as a sort of mutant. One can conclude from the name that the magneto-optical drive combines both magnetic and optical technologies for the purpose of achieving high densities.

USB Flash Drive
Arguably the most powerful storage innovation since the floppy disk, the onset of USB flash drives back in the 2000s signified the termination of floppies. Yet, it was not the 8MB debut capacity that won over consumers, better yet it was the ability to boot from a USB key as well as, and more importantly, the ability to update a motherboard’s BIOS.

The Cloud
Even the all mighty USBs are facing termination and all thanks to the cloud computing industry that is slowly but surely making its way into the IT industry. Even though it is quite obvious how economic and social motivations are making it compulsory for businesses as well as individuals to get on the cloud, here are our top 8 reasons for why you should be on it too:

a. Help companies save money
b. Help small business become more efficient
c. Help save the environment
d. Access to information anywhere at anytime
e. Cloud computing solutions are easy to use
f. Increased demand for resources
g. Integrate part of a disaster recovery solution
h. Will lead to new product and platform innovation

The question now remains: which cloud solution should you select? With so many options out there, it is easy to be bewildered and just give up the whole thought all together. However, we advise you not to give up so hastily, and give Zoolz 2.0 a try. The first cloud solution to introduce Cold StorageTM; an extremely low cost storage that provides an optimal, secure and reliable storage solution for data that is rarely accessed. So sign up today and be on the cloud tonight!


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Introducing Zoolz 2.0; it’s time to refrigerate your data!

We all know how an iceberg brought down the famous Titanic, McAfee Clé but have you ever imagined that an icicle would save our corporate existence?

Yes, we know that the mere mention of ice on such wintery days makes you want to curl up under a blanket with a hot cup of tea. But, if you’re a corporate professional, SMB or even a large business, this is definitely not what you ought to be doing.700-501 certification

It’s 2012, and if you’re not on the cloud, then you might as well be living in Jurassic Park with handwritten notes that are kept safely locked away in the town’s library. Coming back to the future, where the skies are cloudy and the data is safe and no file is left behind, it might get puzzling to choose the right cloud that has that silver lining that you require; some are too expensive, some too complex to comprehend while others are simply impractical.<!> So, should you opt for a sky without a cloud in sight? Of course, unless that cloud is Zoolz!

Zoolz is proud to announce it is the very first service that employs amazon’s glacier technology with the introduction of Cold Storage. Don’t get petrified; we are not talking about refrigerated meat, we are talking about technology that is supremely user-friendly, durable and uschromehearts most of all ideal for archival backup purposes. Yes, in case you were wondering; businesses can enjoy complete user management systems through which they can configure, manage and deploy to thousands of computers and servers in just 5 minutes.

You can now wave goodbye to the old fashioned tapes that are so cost inefficient, environmentally unhealthy and unpractical; no more wondering “what is this file that’s just been backed up?” because now you can enjoy instant data view, image preview and even search to assess and restore archived data with complete ease.

Big data has a big place in our heart; long gone are the days when you had to dig deep into your pockets to pay for costly storage, paying in advance for “potential business expansion” or having to pay unreasonable amounts of money for data that you hardly ever accessed.640-461 dumps

So, choose flexibility over rigidness, comfort over pain, because with Zoolz there’s nothing to lose yet so much to gain!

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Can I trust the cloud? – Part 1

With the new year arising we might want to think that we have evolved in ways that security breaches are almost if not completely eliminated, right? Well sadly, the answer is wrong, 2012 was just around the corner with hacks on twitter, dropbox, and even the cloud giant Google was submerged in a casual attack. With all the security breaches out there, the question that comes to our mind is: can I trust the cloud?

The answer comes in with going with the right cloud provider with the right set of features and also take a part in securing your data. With the correct cloud service and proper precautions and procedures, your data can be invulnerable of security breaches. In this blog we will give you tips and tricks on how you can enhance your cloud security by using Zoolz Cloud Backup.

1. Use Client side encryption

The utmost important feature you should be looking for when choosing a cloud solution is client side encryption where you specify the encryption key. This means that your files will be processed with zero knowledge and even if the company was held at gunpoint to release your data it will still be in its encrypted form. To set your own encryption password, go to the Backup settings page, during your first backup configuration and change the security option to Use my own password

Client Encryption

There are plenty of cloud services that do not offer zero knowledge encryption. To test if the service does provide it, there should not be “a forget password” or “reset password” option and you should not be able to recover your encrypted data with the new password. With Zoolz, if you lose your encryption key, you will not be able to restore or access your data, so it is highly recommended that you store your key in a safe or safe deposit box written on paper and not on your computer.

Zoolz uses 256-AES military grade encryption, so if the hacker decides that they will attempt to brute force the encryption will require a computer that costs more than $1.25 billion and to will take astronomically larger than 1.3 quadrillion years to break.

It is also worth mentioning that Zoolz also transfers your data to the cloud using SSL and encrypts it on the server using 256-AES encryption, so if you choose to use Zoolz internal encryption, your data is pretty safe too.

2. Use different passwords

To access your account you must provide Zoolz with a password and it is highly recommended that it is different than your encryption password.

However, it is worth noting that Zoolz saves an irreversible hash of your password and not your actual password and that is what is sent to our databases to verify that you are the account holder. So even if the hacker managed to access our securely encrypted databases, they will only have the hash of your password and not the actual password and feeding that into the login page results in an invalid password.

Another good tip is to save both your encryption password and sign in password in two different locations, so if your computer got stolen at least your encryption password is not on it, assuming you took our advice in writing that one on a paper and storing it in a safe.

3. Don’t use the Stay logged in feature when logging in on a mobile or public computer
If you are using a public computer or you are rarely accessing your Zoolz data, uncheck the stay logged in feature to ensure that even if you forgot to logout on a public computer, or your laptop got stolen, your account will not be compromised.

Can I trust the cloud


Remember these important tips and your data will be stored securely on the cloud and you will not have to worry about losing your important data again.

In part 2 we will give you tips on how to securely share files and more, so stay tuned and for more information about Zoolz security, check out our white paper

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Zoolz: Innovation in Business Cloud Backup


BURLINGTON, MA, December 12, 2012 — Cloud computing has seen major endorsement throughout this year, and statistics seem to concede; a new national poll from San Antonio shows that 91% of “IT decision-makers” see cloud computing as a positive thing. It does not stop there, according to a study sponsored by CompTia, more than 8 in 10 companies currently use some form of cloud solution and that is expected to double in 2013.

However, according to the same study, cloud solutions are not restricted to the major businesses; more than half of micro and small businesses implement some sort of cloud-enabled productivity software.

Yet, with all the hype around cloud, it is undeniable how crippling it can get for the company’s budget and with 2.5 quintillion bytes of data being generated every single day, every company is bound to search for an ideal solution to store and backup all of its data assets.

2012 will surely end on a high note, with the proud introduction of Zoolz; the unprecedented cloud solution that will make Cold Storage go mainstream. Based on the Amazon Glacier technology, Zoolz introduces Cold Storage; a supremely low cost storage that is ideal for archival purposes and data that is infrequently accessed but needs to be backed up.

Zoolz 2.0 is a complete comprehensive storage, which makes browsing supremely easy with its thumbnail view of all the backed up photos, instant search, and a complete list of backed up files and folders stored on Cold Storage. No more wondering about which file was just backed up and which was not.

Zoolz takes security seriously; with 3 levels of encryption (256 AES on machine, SSL for data transfer and 256-AES server side encryption). Flexibility does not take a backseat; expanding from several files to multi- terabytes and hundreds of users without any interruptions, the system is surely flexible enough to meet everyone’s needs. Compelling user-management; enabling specific users to set policies, specify backup selection, backup settings, storage limit, encryption password and much more with incredible ease.

“It is extremely difficult for businesses nowadays to shift all their virtual data to the cloud with an all-in-one solution” stated CEO Muayyad Shehadeh. “Thus, the need for a hybrid cloud software rises and it is here where Zoolz offers its exceptional solution.”

Some users might be discouraged by the Cold storage, claiming they might want to have instant access to their backed up data. Zoolz was ahead of this claim, offering the best of both worlds with its elegant combination of Amazon S3 and Glacier technology, so that the end users can select where their data goes and thus making it easier for them to retrieve it later on.

All in all, Zoolz is the future of cloud software, and with its marginal price of $3/month per 100 GB, it is surely going to sweep businesses off their feet. So join the revolutionary movement today from:

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