eWEEK features Zoolz Intelligent Cloud on their website

Zoolz Intelligent Featured On eWEEK

It’s never a bad day when you get an email to say your product is featured on a eWEEK. Since 1982, the publication has been the trusted resource for IT decision makers, so we’re are extremely excited to have our product mentioned on such a trustworthy outlet. We tip our hats to Nathan for…

Introducing Zoolz Intelligent, the smart way to protect and access your data

Introducing Zoolz Intelligent

The amount of data being uploaded and shared is extraordinary. A growing pain for businesses is having masses of unstructured data scattered across desktops, laptops and mobile devices. It’s a major issue that our customers have asked us to solve. So we did. Zoolz Intelligent doesn’t just store documents, photos, videos, images or…


Cloud Backup For Professional Photographers

Whether it’s on the TV, radio, magazines or the newspapers, it seems there’s one thing that cannot be ignored: Cloud technology. The tech industry has been revolutionized with the introduction of Cloud Computing in a way that makes it hard to even think of how it was before. Photographers, have…

Evolution of Data Storage

The evolution of data storage

Punch Card Just turn your Delorean time machine back to the 18th century and you’d witness the making of the punch cards, which were basically made of hard cardstorck with punched holes to represent data. Floppy Disk Moving on to 1971, when IBM proudly introduced the first floppy disk. These…


Can I Trust The Cloud?

Without the right cloud provider, your data could be vulnerable to security breaches. In this blog we will give you tips and tricks on how you can enhance your cloud security by using Zoolz Cloud Backup. 1. Use client-side encryption The utmost important feature you should be looking for when choosing a cloud…


External And Internal Drives: Time To Move Them To The Cloud!

Let’s face it; there isn’t anyone that doesn’t love having constant access to data no matter where they are. For anyone living in this fast paced life that we’re leading, changing location constantly from work to leisure, it’s inevitable to lose track of your data at some point or another….